Our Veterinary Services

Our Veterinary Services

Pet Chiropractic Consultation in Monticello, IL

Caring for the animals we love entails more than just giving them food, shelter, vaccinations, and love.

Pet Chiropractic Consultation

This expanding area of animal health care is concerned with preserving and restoring the neuro-musculoskeletal system, just like in humans. It is a non-invasive, drug-free approach for treating bone, disc, and soft-tissue problems affecting how the spine moves and is configured. Chiropractic care for animals can help them recover from both recent traumas and enduring ailments such as:

  • Osteoarthritis (Arthritis)
  • Pain associated with hip dysplasia
  • Intervertebral disc disease (slipped disc)
  • Idiopathic lameness
  • Leg weakness
  • Urinary incontinence
  • Sports injuries
  • Other neurological conditions

If you believe your animal could benefit from chiropractic care, please contact Dr. Gay Adams at (217) 762-2144 to set up a consultation.